OMG Accessories is the world’s most imaginative lifestyle brand for kids, teens and beyond. Our iconic designs and products are created by our talented team to bring fun, fashion-forward style to everyone. 

We mix bold, inventive ideas with bright colors, shimmer and shine, and timeless inspiration. From our ultra famous Miss Gwen unicorn, to our whimsical play with style, consumers fall in love with our products and fashion for our unique, special touch. OMG Accessories is the leader in cool, creative accessories. We’re the inspiration behind stylish consumers around the globe.

The ingenuity of OMG Accessories can be found in thousands of retailers around the world, including Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Dillards, Von Maur and many others. We’ve driven innovation and design in fashion for more than 10 years. With OMG Accessories, expect the unexpected!

Meet Our Founder & CEO: Anne Harper 

OMG Accessories founder Anne Harper has always had a love for fashion and style, and a passion for entrepreneurship. She was born with a natural instinct for knowing what’s ahead, and a fearless talent for creating innovative products. In 2009, she founded OMG Accessories. With relentless determination and dedication, she’s driven the company’s success, creativity and innovation. Today, OMG Accessories is one of the most successful lifestyle brands in the world, with millions of customers madly in love with its fun, unexpected fashion.