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About Us

OMG! is a New Lifestyle Brand with global appeal. Our creative team designs high-quality custom products in house and delivers them at a price that makes staying on trend each season a possibility – even for the savviest of shoppers. We’ve had MASSIVE success in over 100 National Retailers such as Nordstrom, Macy’s & Von Maur, and we pride ourselves on making Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction our personal mission. OMG’s team is driven by a deep-rooted passion for creativity inspired by our founder/designer Anne Harper.


The difference between OMG! and other lifestyle brands is that we really care. We take the time to truly understand the inspiration & motivation that drives style and trends in fashion forward individuals all around the world. We’ve got a fresh approach to business + strategy, and we’re all about embracing & driving change in the ever-shifting world of fashion.


The OMG! design philosophy is Timeless Imagination.
It is a State of Continuous Inspiration – never Imitation.
It is not only a behavior, but a LIFESTYLE.
The OMG! customer is Sexy & Flirty.
Innovative & Fashion Forward.
Sophisticated & Playful.


At OMG!, we put in the extra effort to constantly update our specialty product, ensuring that we stay in line with current trends. We deliver our unique styles at a price that’s sensible in today’s economy, making our brand True Affordable Luxury.


Meet Our Founder & CEO: Anne Harper 


For OMG! Founder Anne Harper, creative design has always been second nature. After obtaining a formal education in Fashion & Design at Columbia College Chicago in 2002, she catapulted her career at Fashion Express with an unexpected apprenticeship where she recognized her potential as a remarkable designer. In 2009, she decided to take her career into her own hands and launched OMG! Accessories out of her Chicago apartment. As a direct result of relentless determination & dedication, Anne has achieved massive success in over 100 National Retailers, and in 2011, she opened OMG’s first showroom in New York City. Anne’s creative direction and enthusiasm for fast fashion and developing trend-conscious & affordable concepts will continue to lead her design team forward. Her unique intuition is a key component in creating the customer lifestyle component that compliments the overall OMG! brand experience.